• Sunseap has developed, designed and engineered, constructed, funded and operated the vast super majority of all grid-connected PV power plants in Singapore and rapidly expanding regionally.


  • YunYingGu is a display module manufacturer for mobile devices. Its core technology is through innovative display subpixel arrangement and rendering processing to improve the PPI (pixels per inch) of display modules.
  • YunYingGu can effectively reduce the production costs of HD (720P) and Full HD (1080P) display module based on amorphous silicon production lines.


  • Genie Network Resource Management Inc. develops a portfolio of network management solutions for Telecom operators and ISPs in the Greater China and Japan market.


  • FocalTech went IPO on Taiwan Stock Exchange on Nov., 2013, it reverse merged with Orise in Jan. 2015 and changed stock symbol to 3545.
  • FocalTech Systems was founded in the U.S. in 2005. It has established its presence in Hi-Tech industrial park in Nan Shan district, Shenzhen, China and in Hsinchu Taiwan in 2006. The company focuses on the design, production, and sales of LCD driver ICs and Mutual-capacitive Touchpanel controller ICs.


  • DynaScan Technology Corp is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative and patented LED-based digital signage solutions to support clients in commerce, safety, communication, and entertainment applications.


  • Centec Networks is pioneering to provide switching silicon and whitebox solution for SDN. Centec commit to enable SDN into networks of carrier, enterprise and data center. Leveraging the high performance open SDN architecture, Centec enables customer networks seamlessly migrate from traditional L2, L3 and MPLS/MPLS-TP architecture to the new SDN track.
  • Together with the customer, Centec is redefining the switching network with optimized investment and more opening capability to create value for future and today.


  • Sensel is in stealth mode.


  • FiscalNote is a privately held company that uses artificial intelligence and big data to deliver immediate predictive analytics of governmental action to pinpoint impact.
  • Its flagship platform provides real-time legislative predictive capabilities as well as enterprise collaboration and visualization tools for data on campaign finance, demographics, news, and open data to government relations professionals to help them make faster decisions.

Spry Health

  • Spry Health is a dynamic group of innovators developing transformative digital health solutions that enable patients to get the right care at the right time. We are experts in advanced health informatics, biological signals acquisition and analysis, machine learning, and medical research.


  • AdRoll is the world’s largest retargeting platform with over 10,000 active advertisers worldwide. The company’s innovative and easy-to-use marketing platform enable brands of all sizes to create personalized ad campaigns based on their own website data, ensuring maximum return on online advertising spend.
  • With a 97% customer rate, AdRoll provides unmatched transparency and reach across the largest display inventory sources, including Google AdX and Facebook Exchange.